Jigsaw Puzzles

Introducing a view of the Thumb Octagon Barn site through the eyes of a dissectologist (a person who enjoys jigsaw puzzle assembly).

1932 View of the Purdy House and Octagon Barn:

Fall Family Days at the Thumb Octagon Barn:

Covered Bridge:

Round Granary & Grain Elevator:

Purdy Desk






Winter Scene of Thumb Octagon Barn and Quilt






Milking Parlor







Powerhouse Exterior







Rafters in Barn








Thumb Electric Building








Teamwork & Timbers







Purdy House Kitchen







Tractor Parade







Blacksmith Shop Interior











Aerial View of the Thumb Octagon Barn Site









Melodeon at Christmas







School Tours 2005







Before Sawmill Building 2006

Corn Sheller at 2009 School Tours










Tractors at School Tours 2009






Mail Buggy







One Room Country School






One Room Country School Furnace









Sugar Shack







Veneer Mill






Player Piano in the One-Room Schoolhouse







Rusty the Horse









Cider Mill Interior 2017







Garage 2013






Lenton Family Hay Press











Gas Station Museum in Sawmill

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