Munro Building

As items continued to be donated for the “Museum Goal”, it became apparent that more buildings to house and display the variety of old machinery and tools was necessary.  So plans were developed for a multipurpose building that would display equipment and provide space for activities during organized events on the grounds.

In the fall of 2005 the bid was let and construction of a 72 x 100 ft building commenced.  Even though it was a pole type building, the design with false fronts on the gable ends and dormers on the roof made it look like an older, early 1900’s structure.

The building was designed with multiple uses in mind.  During the Fall Family Days event it is used to serve meals.  The center area is the dining area and the east side is for food preparation.  The building was named after the Munro brothers who built the barn and home for James and Cora Purdy.

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