2021 School Tours

3-31-20 UPDATE:
With an abundance of caring for the health and safety of the Thumb Octagon Barn volunteers and visitors, the School Tours event will NOT be held in 2020. This is due to the coronavirus’ (COVID-19) ongoing fluidity and guidelines – changing sometimes on an hourly/daily/weekly basis. Therefore Thumb Octagon Barn School Tours 2020 will NOT be held on Wednesday, May 13th, Thursday, May 14th, and Friday, May 15th.

Thumb Octagon Barn School Tours is being planned for May 2021. The theme will be: “The Farm Family!”.  Registration forms for the 2021 School Tours will be posted in September.  Please continue to check the Thumb Octagon Barn website  and/or the Thumb Octagon Barn Agricultural Museum FaceBook page for updates on other activities/events scheduled to be held.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Home!

Hope to see you in 2021!
Diane Rapson Gabil, chairperson (989-392-1080).

If you have any comments or questions for Diane, please use the contact form:

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Want to see more of what it is all about?  Here’s the 2019 wrap-up.  This video will give you an idea of what goes on at School Tours. Special thanks to Tyler Leipprandt from Michigan Sky Media.






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