2019 School Tours & Registration

Theme for 2019 “Food Industry…Past & Present”.   Registration & Dates for 2020 to be announced!

Today…Everyday…Educating…Improving…Working…To Save History For Tomorrow’s Future!

This years theme was “Food Industry…Past and Present” and we educated students on both food preservation and preparation.  The Thumb Octagon Barn partnered with Knowlton’s Ice Museum and showed students old harvesting and storage methods.  Also, preservation of food using various techniques, including salting, smoking, canning, and drying fruits were explored.

2019 School Tours educational field trip for students from pre-school through 8th grade was held on Wednesday, May 8th, Thursday, May 9th, and Friday, May 10th at the Thumb Octagon Barn, Gagetown.

Special thanks to Tyler Leipprandt from Michigan Sky Media for the preview:

Want to see more of what it is all about?  Here’s the 2018 wrap-up.

Guided tours for 2019 School Tours began at 8:30 AM each day – Wednesday, May 8th, Thursday, May 9th, & Friday, May 10th – with last tours starting a 1 PM. Most guided tours are 4.5 hours, but shorter tours can be scheduled to meet the students’ ages and scheduling needs.

Requested is 1 chaperone for every 8 students; more chaperones are welcome!  Cost is $2.00 fee donation for each student and each chaperone attending, collected the day of tour.  There will be 25+ educational stations for the students to visit; a month prior to attending educators will choose which areas they wish their students to visit.  Tours are limited to 450 students per day.  No food is for sale on site; students/chaperones bring their lunches/beverages/water to eat in designated areas.  Port-a-johns are available. Dress for the weather – 2019 School Tours are ‘a go’ no matter the weather.  In 2018, 1,426 students attended from eight counties!

Hope to see you in 2020!  Diane Rapson-Gabil, chairperson (989-392-1080).  If you have any comments or questions for Diane, please contact her below.

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