2018 School Tours May 9-11

Mission Statement:  Today…Everyday…Educating…Improving…Working…To Save History For Tomorrow’s Future!

2018 School Tours educational field trip for students from pre-school through 8th grade – will be held on Wednesday, May 9th, Thursday, May 10th, and Friday, May 11th at Thumb Octagon Barn, Gagetown. Theme for 2018 is ‘The Thumb Of Michigan: Naturally Sweet!’

Guided tours for 2018 School Tours begin at 8:30 AM each day – Wednesday, May 9th, Thursday, May 10th, & Friday, May 11th – with last tours starting a 1 PM. Most guided tours are 4.5 hours, but shorter tours can be scheduled to meet the students’ ages and scheduling needs. Cost is $2.00 fee donation for each student and each chaperone attending, collected the day of tour. There will be 25+ educational stations for the students to visit; a month prior to attending educators will choose which areas they wish their students to visit.

With the theme for 2018: ‘The Thumb Of Michigan: Naturally Sweet!’ students will learn about sugar beets, honey/bees. sorghum/maple syrup, and apples for foods for people and animals in the early 1900’s and today. Also highlighting how the production of these foods figured into life-long occupations and industries. Plus, the students will learn what are the by-products of these commodities and how are they used not only in foods people and animals eat, but in other necessary products of today. Michigan State University Extension, DEQ, the DNR, plus other organizations will provide educational materials for life-long learning. This theme ties directly to Michigan standards for Health, Science, and Social Studies at all grade levels.

Other educational learning stations presentations/demonstrations available will be: Introduction to Barn/Site, Live Farm Animals, Barn Loft Museum, Children’s Story, Cora Purdy’s Diaries, Folk Music & Instruments, Live Honey Bees, Milking Station, Chick/Egg Hatching, Garage/Vintage Cars/Trucks & Memorabilia, Tour of the House, Vintage Cars/Trucks & Memorabilia, Powerhouse, Vintage Medicine, Children’s Activity Area – Tractors to ‘drive,’ Old Time Music Sing A Long, One Room School House, School House Museum, Grain Elevator, Grist Mill, Sugar Shack/Syrup Evaporator, Sawmill, Sawmill Museum, Blacksmith Shop, DNR/DEQ/MSU Information/Demonstration Sites, Cider Press, Souvenirs, plus Tractor Shuttle Rides!

Requested is 1 chaperone for every 8 students; more chaperones are welcome! Tours are limited to 450 students per day. No food is for sale on site; students/chaperones bring their lunches/beverages/water to eat in designated areas. Port-a-johns are available. Dress for the weather – 2018 School Tours are ‘a go’ no matter the weather. In 2017, over 1,365 students attended from eight counties!

Follow this link to Register.

Hope to see you in 2018!  Diane Rapson Gabil, chairperson (989-892-3105)

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